Hochu OtsukaThe sixty-six-year-old voice actor for Master Urokodaki in Demon Slayer recently took part in the Japanese television show Am I Neta, Neta ni Shite Ii Desu Ka?and revealed some interesting facts about his work. During the interview, the voice actor also spoke about the success of the anime and how that will affect his salary.

Otsuka explained that Payment is determined before registration begins, based on the voice actor's "fame" and the importance of the role to be played. First, it evaluates the individual's career, roles in the previous series, experience, and the number of years they have spent in the industry. ""The salary always stays the same"explained Otsuka,"regardless of the success of the anime".

According to a Japanese academy, the salary of a voice actor can vary between a minimum of 15,000 yen per episode (around € 120) and a maximum of 45,000 yen (around € 350). depending on the fame and experience of the actor chosen for the role. Therefore, the voice actor of the protagonist of an anime can earn between 1,400 and 4,200 euros for a series with 12 episodes and about double that for a series with two episodes.

The numbers aren't bad, but they're not exceptional either, While many speakers don't get more than a handful of roles a year. The situation therefore does not change even considering a worldwide success like Demon Slayer, capable of breaking one record after another, making hundreds of millions for the animation studio and the publisher of its paper counterpart.

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