Demon Hunter Thanks to the success of the animated implementation of Ufotable and above all the Demon Slayer film, it was able to create its own space within the huge anime and manga panorama: the Mugen train, which quickly became the most-watched film in Japanese cinema history.

However, the success of the work that emerged from the mind of Koyoharu Gotoge does not seem to show any signs of stopping as loud Business data for 2020, All revenues from television and film production, manga, merchandise and collaborations with major brands would amount to approximately 1 trillion yen $ 8.75 billionas stated in the post below.

This is an immense number that will grow in the coming months thanks to the return of the anime with the second season and the narrative arc dedicated to the Red Light District. Despite the numerous controversies that have arisen in recent weeks about the excessive violence of Adventures of Tanjiro, Nezuko and Companions, the series continues to be a real media phenomenon with millions of fans around the world.

And what do you think of this success? Do you appreciate the work? As always, let us know what you think in the comments section. Remember, Demon Slayer will be the focus of an event in partnership with Tokyo Skytree, and we'll leave you to a loyal cosplay dedicated to Misturi.

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