Demon Slayer: The official Tamagotchi dedicated to the Nine Pillars arrive

The success of Demon Hunter will continue a few months after the manga is finished, thanks largely to the release in Japanese cinemas of the first film Demon Slayer: Infinity Train, which has already sold more than 10 million tickets and has hit record numbers in the entire Japanese animation industry.

Along with the manga and the animated version, Koyoharu Gotogue's work naturally got one impressive amount of goodsWith figurines, gadgets and faithful reproductions of the katanas used by the characters, fans can manage their favorite Hashiras with mini tamagotchi thanks to a collaboration between Bandai and Ufotable, the animation studio where the series is produced.

You were actually presented with the video that you find linked to the news and some promotional images that you can find below. 9 special tamagotchi dedicated to the pillars, the best master swordsmen in the world of demon slayers. These are reduced versions of the famous game, invented by Aki Maita in 1996, only 4 centimeters high and all characterized by different colors and symbols that are based on the Hashira and can be controlled.

It will be possible to train and grow with the chosen character random encounters against 3 types of bossesthrough mini-games and through conversations with the series' main characters such as Tanjiro, Nezuko and Inosuke. Pre-orders for the Rengoku model ad are already open on the official Bandai website a price of around 20 euroswhich will hit the market on November 6th.

We remind you that China registers many domains related to Demon Slayer and leave to the news what we can expect from the next KimetsuFest.

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