The much appreciated epic of Demon Slayer, after an initial moment of uncertainty in which the production could not find its target audience, is now much loved by millions of fans around the world, who first came into contact with the paper production and then with the animated adaptation.

Although the series has now reached its final chat, the franchise will still see the arrival of various parallel works, including video games, spin-offs and more, all to keep the public high. Among the many themed products, of course, there are also gadgets, cross and delight of the most avid collectors who are often willing to do anything to have every piece available in their collection.

Well, just recently the guys from GoodSmile have presented their latest Demon Slayer-themed product to fans, or a nice Nendoroid dedicated to the skilled swordsman Inosuke. As you can see from the images at the bottom of the news, the product showcases the character in different poses, with one in particular where the iconic boar mask also appears. As announced by the company, Nendoroid is currently available for pre-orders at a price of around € 40, all with an output set for November 2020.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that recently it was also unveiled when Dynit will publish the animated series Demon Slayer in home video.

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