Since its arrival in Japanese cinemas, the film has been Demon Slayer: Kimtesu no Yaiba Infinity Train was the protagonist of an extraordinary success that resulted in it surpassing films like The Enchanted City and Your Name, becoming the most-watched anime feature film in history, and continuing to break all records.

According to the post you can find on Twitter below and shared by @mantanweb, Infinity Train has hit an incredible number of 37.7 billion yen raised, around 295 million euros, with more than 27 million tickets purchased. Those numbers are limited to Japan only, and given the movie's arrival in South Korea and its upcoming debut in New Zealand, they can't help but grow, especially given the great receptions from critics who average 9.5 out of 10.

The success achieved naturally led to further growth in sales of the Koyoharu Gotoge Manga and theAnnouncing a second season of the animewho will adapt the narrative arc of the Red Light District in which the Hashira of the Uzui sound will play a fundamental role, as it did for Rengoku in Infinity Train.

Keep in mind a fan skipped an exam to watch Infinity Train and we'll leave you to the Gundam writer's harsh words and the series' success.

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