Selina Kyle has always been one of the most controversial and interesting characters in the universe DC comics and the new magazine devoted to it tries to deepen many pages of Catwoman as it pays special attention to the thief's past.

Volume 23 of the Catwoman series, written by Blake Northcott and Sean Murphy, with drawings by Cian Tomey, actually saw the return of the costume from the historic Batman: The Animated Series, broadcast in the first half of the 90s. Since the story featured in the volume consists of only two parts, it is not yet clear whether we will see Selina again in this iconic costume, which you can see at the bottom of the page.

Northcott commented on the election with the following words "It is definitely a big setback for Selina from multiple angles. Sean had these incredible ideas to give the character A classic outfit with a modern twist, taken exactly from Batman TAS and placed in a very specific environment, the jungle. Once these things were determined, I went to research Selina's origins. She was born an antagonist and diamond thief, but the complexity came later. Millions of Top 100 Heroes and Top 100 Villains have been released and they have always performed in both! Their duality is the most interesting aspect to look at and analyze. "

The current Catwoman series, which started in 2018, has modernized many of the character's legendary costumes in a modern way, while offering novelties for the thief's suits. Keep in mind that Batman The Animated Series will soon be a comic and that DC Comics want to replace Superman.

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