Dark Nights: Death Metal is making its way into the DC multiverse and the effects of this story can be seen in various publications. In the latest edition of the Justice League, some heroes receive gods new costumes definitely better suited for the "Metalverse".

Justice League # 53 It starts with a look back at a young Dick Grayson, also known as Robin. It describes the boy's passion for Batman and the Justice League. The scene then returns to older Dick, now Nightwing, navigating a war-torn world. The hero meets Detective Chimp, who is battling the mutated duplicates of Solomon Grundy and Etrigan. Hawkgirl also comes to his defense and uses her club to bloody counter opponents.

It is at this point that We can admire the new costumes from Nightwing and Hawkgirl. Nightwing's maintains a classic blue, gray, and black aesthetic, but with a fur collar and a clear V across the chest. Also, we notice a much thicker hair than the canonical. Hawgirl, on the flip side, keeps the classic green and gold color but has a long ponytail, a worn shirt, and some fur on the ankles.

After focusing on costumes, the trio crosses paths an unlikely ally: Lex Luthor. Lex gives them advice on how to track down The Omega Knight and defeat Perpetue once and for all. In the meantime, while waiting to discover the fate of this universe, fans can enjoy the β€œMetalverse” costumes, including a crazy take on Batman in Dark Nights: Death Metal. Dark Nights: Death Metal also told the origins of Batman B-Rex.

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