Between rumors and conjectures, confirmation of a new ongoing project by the master Shinichiro Watanabe seems to have finally arrived. After directing cult series such as Cowboy Bebopthe director is finally ready to return to the big screen with a new film that has premiered.

The new animated feature film, signed by Watanabe, is set in an indefinite future. will have a girl as the protagonist, probably the little red-cloaked character seen on the right in the image shown below, who will meet a boy and a robot during their adventure. Extremely vague plot details, which, however, were enough to attract the attention of millions of fans of the director's works around the world, which also gave rise to speculation and conjecture related precisely to the illustration.

The protagonists seem to be heading towards you small town with tall buildings and factories, while what appears to be white whales soar across the sky. The ice, also present on the sides of the image, will be a predominant element in the area, and according to many, this new Watanabe project will take a closer look at the relationship between humans and technologygiven the choice to depict the robot and the girl in the first picture.

One last piece of information, quite relevant, is that MAPPA takes over the production of the film, an animation studio that, despite all the problems of recent years, is constantly growing and evolving, also and above all in the quality of the works published. Were you impressed by the first visual of Watanabe's new film? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, we want to remind you that the cowboy bebop anime had to have a different name and we leave you our special that explains why cowboy bebop is still a masterpiece.

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