Although Cowboy Bepop is not really a last-minute product, it has left an indelible mark on Japanese animation. A series that teaches many of today's productions, and which - as evidenced by the post at the bottom of the article - is still present in pop iconography.

In fact, the user Reddit HappyBlunt came across an abandoned building, in a graffiti artwork depicting the protagonist of the series, Spike Spiegel, made entirely in color by the unknown artist.

Cowboy Bepop's anime consists of twenty-six episodes, each of them has a self-contained plot. Fans of the brand will be happy to hear that Netflix has announced the production of a live action adaptation, in which the protagonist Spike will be played by actor John Cho.

Despite the production of the series has suffered setbacks, due to an accident involving the actor, a second season is already scheduled while the first 10 episodes would be almost ready to land on the streaming platform.

At the moment not much information has been released on the project, however we have learned of the official cast, which draws on several characters from the original series. There is therefore a good chance that the transposition remains faithful to the reference material.

Cowboy Bepop and six other souls to watch for those who love Star Wars. According to the director of Cowboy Bepop, diversity in anime is paramount.

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