The battle between humans and devils is imminent. Although more than a year has passed since its announcement, Chainsaw Man is confirmed as one of the most anticipated anime of 2022. The summer season is currently halfway underway and there are still a few weeks to wait before the start of the fall season that will close the 2022.

And this season they will be there the debut of Chainsaw Man in anime format. Chainsaw Man will make history according to the anime's producers, but the latter have also been busy confirming the work of director Ryu Nakayama and beyond. At Crunchyroll Expo, Studio MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka and Producer Makoto Kimura spoke a bit about the series, as well as who is working on it.

That Director Ryu Nakayama was the perfect choice for Chainsaw Man According to the two, this is because he is both enthusiastic and a young creator who perfectly adheres to the very bizarre and crazy ideas that Tatsuki Fujimoto incorporated into his manga. It was this vision, which aligns well with that of the main work, that won them over, and then also emphasized Nakayama's work in creating cohesion in the staff and voice cast and helping them reflect the emotions of Chainsaw Man's protagonists.

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