Tatsuki Fujimoto's style is now known to everyone, also thanks to theChainsaw Man Anime which was recently making waves in a fall season where everyone was excited about Denji's adventures. The blond boy-turned-fringe-to-government agent has a very distinct trait.

The same goes for Pochita, the little devil with a chainsaw for a nose, who followed him everywhere, at least until the two decided to unite to clearly show Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man the difference between Denji and Pochita in their transformation and human form pass through. However, there are those who wanted to be bolder and made a drawing of Denji in nine different styles.

So he is not only the protagonist of Chainsaw Man, Denji finds himself in a Naruto character, Bleach, Dragon Ball, ONE PIECE and more. Of course, it was A2T Will Draw who drew this series of fan art. As usual, he drew the protagonist in the original style, as seen below, and then gradually switched to eight different drawing styles. The first original is that of Bleach, where Denji becomes an arrancar with a chainsaw-shaped mask; then follows Dragon Ball, where Denji becomes an android.

Gradually he gives his personality to all variants and ends with a giant chainsaw from Attack on Titan and a guy from My Hero Academia who controls chainsaws as a quirk. Which variant do you like best? And A2T did the same with Makima.

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