The popularity achieved through chainsaw manand Waiting to Read About This World in Chapter 98, now available on Manga Plus, show how the work of the talented Tatsuki Fujimoto has been able to reach the entire industry and also win important awards year after year.

Since its first publication on the pages of Weekly Shonen LeapDenji's bloody and violent story was received very positively by millions of readers and especially by industry critics, receiving quite relevant nominations and awards, such as Best Shonen Manga at the 66th edition of the Shogakukan Manga Awards or Best Manga at the 'Harvey Awards .

This year he returned to win ai Daruma took place during Japan Expo 2022, a fair dedicated to Japanese culture, held annually in Paris. Daruma dolls were chosen as a symbol and reward as they represent and therefore represent both hope and commitment a way of recognizing the value of a jobthe sacrifices the authors have made and wishing them ever greater success.

In the post shared by @gaak_fr at the bottom of the page you can see the winner of two of the most coveted prizes: the Gold Daruma for the best writing and Gold Daruma for the best drawings. Tell us in the comments if Chainsaw Man deserves such accolades for you too. Finally we leave you to the stratospheric numbers chapter 98 of Chainsaw Man reaches in no time.

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