The first volume of the second part of Chainsaw Man ended a few weeks ago. Tatsuki Fujimoto has decided to temporarily draw attention to other characters, Emphasis on young Asa as the protagonist. The girl, victim of the devil of justice, managed to survive thanks to the devil war.

This event set the stage for a bombproof Chainsaw Man Part 2: the new protagonist is just around the corner Contrast to Denji and it has its own difficulties, which Fujimoto addresses chapter by chapter. The situation doesn't remain the rosiest, as the girl he thought was a friend, the first in a long time, turned out to be the new bearer of devil's justice.

So, forced by Yoru, Asa enters the battle. there The transformation into Yoru at the end of Chainsaw Man 106 starts the fight with Yuko, also transformed into a full demonic version, with a skeletal body and many appendages resembling flesh tentacles. Will the clash end in Yuru's favor or will the devil's justice win and eventually manage to wreak havoc on his classmates? Or will Denji step in and reveal his true identity as a chainsaw devil?

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