Since we were also expected by the preview of Boruto 201 last week, Kawaki has finally found out what is behind Naruto's great power, and he did it in the most direct way possible: to find himself in front of the nine-tailed fox.

The anime of Boruto: Next generations has therefore reached one of the most touching moments in the manga, which features Kawaki and Kurama (and indirectly Naruto).

In the moments that Naruto sleeps In fact, it's up to Kyuubi to keep Kawaki under control (at the express request of the other Kage), and this time Kurama has deemed it appropriate to make his presence known and chat with the boy.

In this way, the young man has the opportunity to experience how strong his bond with Naruto is, also because of a 'very similar childhood. Although the similarity between the situation of Kawaki (regarded as a simple ship for the Kara) and Naruto (carrier and "container" of the Kyuubi) was repeatedly observed, the former was still struggling to be considered the mighty hokage of the Leaf Village. Respected and loved by everyone, he could tell that he knew what the boy was feeling.

But thanks to the intervention of Kurama, who wanted to tell him about Naruto's past, Kawaki really realized how grounded the Hokage's words were.

We will then see how this new awareness affects Kawaki's actions and feelings in the coming episodes.

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