The storytelling style adopted by Fujimoto in chainsaw man it is structured by alternating action moments and comic interludes with scenes marked by profound drama. These aim to show a hidden side of the characters or to tell their tragic stories in a spontaneous way, as happened in the fifth episode of the anime.

In order to better understand the danger of the Devil Gun, the target of every devil hunter who wants to make a name for himself, there is a short sequence on the subject next to the description of MakimaAki's childhood. Hayakawa is a bizarre character himself in the Chainsaw Man universe as, unlike his peers Denji and Power, he does business with devils just to get stronger without therefore being a devil.

When he was a boy Aki witnessed the death of her family, and the destruction of his house, which was hit by a powerful Devil Gun attack that literally wiped out the entire area, as you can see in the clip at the bottom of the page. An impressive event that justifies why Aki became a devil hunter. What do you think of Hayakawa's tragic past? Let us know in the area reserved for comments.

Finally we leave you a Makima fanart with the styles of different series.

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