Encountering Power plunged Denji into a sea of ​​trouble. Still not well placed in the role of government agent with a fairly normal life, is the protagonist of chainsaw man He also has to take care of a demonic and irrepressible girl who throws him into some dangerous situations without too many scruples.

And so Denji had to face the Bat Devil in Chainsaw Man 1x03, an action packed, gore and guts episode. The finale is just the perfect marriage of those elements, with the chainsaw man stronger and more epic than ever, having achieved his goal. But what will become of the protagonists after this bloody and difficult fight?

L'Episode 1x04 of Chainsaw Man will focus on the implications of this confrontation. Might was indeed the character that put Denji and other people in danger and risked suffering the consequences, but Denji knows and understands it. In return, he protects his colleague, who has now touched her beloved cat. However, will he be able to get the longed-for reward? And what will the trio's domestic life be like from now on?

Chainsaw Man 1x04 returns to Crunchyroll on Tuesday, November 1st 2022.

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