While sales of the Chainsaw Man manga continue to travel at very high rates, the serialization of theby Tatsuki Fujimoto continues on the Shueisha MangaPlus digital platform where Chapter 126 was released a few hours ago.

For several chapters of Chainsaw Man, a primeval devil has been on the trail of Asa Mitaka, the protagonist of the second part of the manga, in whose body the war devil is hiding. The Devil Chainsaw takes care of protecting the girl who engages in a very fierce battle with the falling devil.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 126 begins with Denji slicing open the devil while looking like a cook. However, the Chainsaw Man’s attacks prove inefficient as the antagonist manages to pick up his pieces and get back on his feet.

The Falling Devil claims he doesn’t want to fight Chainsaw Devil and whose only goal is to kill Asa Mitaka. With these words, Denji finds a stronger motivation to win this difficult fight.

As Denji launches his attack again, the Fallin Devil tries to subvert some of the fears buried in his heart. In Denji’s head, the image of power makes its way. To banish these thoughts Denji drives one of his chainsaws straight into his brain.

At the end of a very fierce fight, in which blood flows, Denji is defeated by the Fallin Devil, who sets out on the trail of the fugitive Asa. However, the Chainsaw Man is treated with human blood by a mysterious person who claims to need him.

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