Asa and Denji's date that began in Chainsaw Man 113 turned out to be a total fiasco. Not only are the characters of the two totally incompatible, but they've even been ensnared by the devil's eternity. But something seems to be changing for the two protagonists of the film second part of Tatsuki Fujimoto's work.

Trapped in one of the corridors of the aquarium, Denji and Asa In Chainsaw Man 114, they met the members of the Devil Hunters Club. However, the two protagonists continued to argue without being able to find a solution to the problem they encountered. While Denji showed his typical indifference, the girl once again demonstrated her clumsiness.

Also in Chainsaw Man Chapter 115, which is now free to read on MangaPlus, the situation is still stalled. It is impossible to leave the aquarium, the fish in the tanks have died and the clocks have stopped working. Desperate, Asa begs the club captain to manifest his true Chainsaw Man form and get her to flee the facility, but the boy explains that he isn't really the Chainsaw Man.

Denji explains to one of the clubmates that he can't help because the Eternity Devil isn't showing his true form this time. Finally, back at Asa's side, he tries to comfort her. The girl apologizes for embroiling him in all of this and confesses that he brought it there to be sacrificed and turned into a weapon. With utter disregard, Denji suggests eating a starfish to assuage hunger.

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