The second part of the manga by Chainsaw Man continues with the release of Chapter 114, now available on MangaPlus. The romantic date between the two protagonists of Chainsaw Man turned out to be a failure as the two boys didn't get along. Due to Famine's intervention, the outing soon turned into a nightmare.

Denji and Asa have fallen into a trap and continue to walk uselessly down an endless corridor. While they continue bickering, the boys Meet the members of the Devil Hunter ClubShe, too, ended up in the trap. As promised by Famine, the third horseman of the Chainsaw Man apocalypse, no one will be able to leave the aquarium until Diavolo Guerra will not have made Denji his weapon.

As everyone works together to find an escape route, Denji begins stealing the belongings of visitors to the aquarium. Asa accuses him of being a petty thief, but as he hurls hateful words at him, he soon realizes it don't really want to kill him.

A way out seems at hand as Asa considers using his cell phone to call for help. However, he falls to the ground again. The phone is destroyed by the note, with the consequent disappointment of those present. Asa has failed everyone again and is destroyed by what happened.

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