After months of waiting, the first part of the fourth season of CastlevaniaThe work of the American cartoonist Warren Ellis is based on the series of video games of the same name published by Konami. In a recent interview, the executive producer spoke at length about the completion of the project.

The central point in the meeting between Kevin Kolde and the journalists of the Anime News Network were the difficulties and the strategies implemented in the production phase to avoid the general disappointment that the Game of Thrones television series, for example, took. Kolde replied that the primary goal was Complete the story with the characters introduced and explored over the course of the seasons to pay some attention beforehand to what is being dealt with during the work.

As confirmed a few days ago, the same series creator Warren Ellis wrote the script for the fourth season, and Kolde reiterated that his work covers the entire season, not just the first part. Another aspect that was dealt with during the interview was the presence of Easter egg that might attract the attention of the most attentive enthusiast. The producer has indicated that the team of animators, who have complete freedom to include more or less obvious references in the scenes and some shots, take care of these honors. "Take a look at the Belmont Home Library The shelves are full of items, weapons, books, and spells from the game!""That's how he finally commented on the topic of Easter eggs.

Kolde later discussed the final episodes of the last season and named the ninth with the title "The Ends"As the culmination of some of the events featured in the third season and some in-depth stories in the fourth that will involve Trevor, Sypha, Alucard, Saint Germain, Dracula and Lisa. The tenth episode is titled instead "It was a strange ride", represents the last circle of stories of the protagonists and at the same time lays the foundation for new beginnings. Many characters will finally be free from Dracula's threat, which may still crop up, and You live a completely different life than in the past.

At the end of the meeting, Kolde talked about some specific moments, such as a special and complex challenge for Trevor, details on the realization of some scenes from an animation point of view and of course extremely important events such as the death of some characters and insights into the figure of death and its complexes Relationship with Dracula before we proceed with the definition the importance of the topics presented, especially in the last few episodes.

And what do you think of the first episodes of Castlevania 4? We are waiting for the continuation and leave you our first impressions of the new season.

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