We are in a delicate phase of the Wanokuni saga. The protagonists of ONE PIECE fight against Kaido and his pirates on the occasion of the Fire Festival. But there is also Big Mom nearby ready to put a spoke in her opponent's wheel.

With Mom's presence on the island, Big Mom's pirates tried to reach Onigashima. Just Perospero did it and after breaking the alliance with Marco, he prepares to kill him in ONE PIECE 995. However, he arrives to save the phoenix carrot, the mink rabbit who had already spotted the enemy in the harbor. Together with Wanda, Carrot comes in its sulong form and wounds Perospero in the face with a moon attack.

Carrot wants revenge on Pedrowho died trying to stop Perospero and the other members of Big Mom's crew on Whole Cake Island. Now the mink seems ready for anything and will have a really tough opponent to defeat. Though in the sulong shape, carrot may not be strong enough to beat Big Mama's oldest son. But in the meantime the battle is over and a Another important member of ONE PIECE has now secured his fight.

In the meantime, carrot could be the next mugiwara. Will this fight give other reasons to see her on the crew?

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