The franchise of Gundam mobile suit was badly hit by the COVID outbreak. The release of Hathaway's Flash movie was postponed along with the Gundam Satellite event, but this hasn't stopped the release of a new animated series that will be out next year!

The new series SD Gundam Heroes is placed in the strange universe of "Gundam Heroes" where Robots work unmannedThe series is certainly one of the strangest in the Gundam world. One of the greatest strengths of the Gundam franchise is the ability to turn their robots into real narrative universes and tell stories from completely different worlds.

In fact, we don't yet know what the new SD Gundam World series is going to be talking about, for now we just know that Mechas don't have a pilot and the style is much more cartoonish for its protagonists. On the official account of SD Gundam World The announcement of the release of the new series in 2021 has been made and from the key art we see that the style of this anime is completely different from the previous ones.

The official description of SD Gundam World Heroes He says: "The heroes maintain the balance of the world. Suddenly a red meteor falls on a world called Neo World and Wukong Impulse Gundam appears at the point of impact. Since that incident, chaos has spread to all other worlds one by one. Meanwhile, Zhuge Liang Freedom Gundam learns from astrology that an impending disaster is imminent. He and his friend Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam take action to save the worlds from this threat and begin their journey with Wukong. What will Wukong Impulse Gundam think after meeting the heroes of each world? Will it bring peace or disaster? Now begins a new story of heroes!""

When we leave the house, the gundam masks protect us from the virus. When we're at home, let's take an example from this artist building incredible dioramas for a new hobby!

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