The House of Ideas has decided to bring together two of the most famous superhero icons in the comic book world in a single, dangerous adventure against the terrorist organization Hydra. The series Captain America / Iron Man will debut in November 2021 and partially trace the complicated friendship rivalry between the two heroes.

Two extraordinary personalities were commissioned for the series. The story was actually entrusted Derek Landywho signed many of the Falcon & Winter Soldier and The Black Order stories while standing by the drawings Angel Unzueta, Artist who worked on the main series of Iron Man and several volumes of Star Wars.

Both expressed their incredible excitement at representing two such relevant characters within the Marvel Universe and focused on in particular delicate dynamics that have shaped their friendship for years. Below is the cover of the first volume, which will arrive on November 24th.

According to the authors themselves, it should be a mini-series, although the publisher has not yet confirmed how many volumes it will consist of. Below is the official presentation of the series: "A daring prison break drawn up by a government official who actually works with Hydra. connected is, caught the attention of Iron Man and Captain America. When Steve and Tony discover that they have a mutual bond with the refugee, they band together to track her down ... but they discover that she's not the only one with big plans and disturbing motives in mind ... "

Remember, this was the first time Marvel put 5 Cap in one cover and we leave you with the return of an iconic villain of the 60s in the Iron Man series.

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