Temporarily away from the particularly sticky situations they find themselves in, against Code and Ada in the manga and amid attacks on the gates of the Village of Mist in the anime, the protagonists of Boruto were portrayed in complete serenity and harmony in the new official illustration celebrating the spring season.

The introduction of a new generation of ninjas in the sequel, first written by Ukyo Kodachi and currently directed by original author Masashi Kishimoto, has given longtime fans a chance to review familiar faces they liked and, in particular, the development of many relationships . or not at all, implied in the original series.

While in the manga, Konoha's safety was jeopardized by the arrival of Code and Ada, despite Shikamaru factoring in the former member of the Kara's attack, all the main characters were represented in a cheerful and serene atmosphere in the new officer's illustration.

Of the Uzumaki family, from the young Kawaki, to Orochimaru and his creation Mitsuki, all the important families of Konoha have gathered for a special picnic in the shade of the cherry blossoms, as can be seen in the image in question shared on social networks by the user @ You can find Abdul_S17 through the post at the bottom. In conclusion, we leave you a special study about Otsutsuki.

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