The Funato clan siege is imminent next episode of Boruto. The Mizukage Shinobi Army has been deceived and the gates of the Mist Village are being defended by a handful of ninjas led by Kagura. Decisive for the fate of the battle will be the new Swordsmen of the Mist. Which side will they line up on?

In Boruto 244 we witnessed the story of Buntan's love and betrayal. It was the kunoichi who owns the Fanged swords betrayed by her partner Shizuma Hoshigaki and for that he decided to put his trust in Kagura. Kyoho is also confident in wanting to protect the villagers, but Hebiichigo fell victim to indecisiveness in Boruto 244.

Eventually, whoever now owns the Cut and Sew decides to run away, even meeting Metal Lee who tried to persuade her to stay. However, Kagura did not give up hope and sent the others two swordsmen of the mist on a rescue mission.

In which'Episode 245 preview of the anime series, Buntan and Kyoho seem to have found their partner. Will Hebiichigo be persuaded or will he betray his friends by leading them into the Funato Trap?

Meanwhile, the few men in the village must remain face the onslaught of elite troops Run by Funamushi. Team 7 and Team 5's kagura and leaf ninja collide with the one crossing the recall technique it can summon deadly leeches. However, this is not Funamushi's strongest jutsu. What other abilities does the pirate hide?

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