A cycle that started at the beginning of the year is coming to an end. For the series Boruto Anime: Naruto the Next Generations It’s almost time for another adventure, a new round of original episodes accompanied by different opening and closing themes.

The saga of the great battle in the land of water runs out. Team 7 and Team 5’s mission in a foreign land is coming to an end. In spoilers for upcoming episodes, it’s time for Boruto’s ninjas to return to Konoha and prepare for another incredible journey.

With the end of the current narrative arc planned for June 26, the first July episode number 256 opens a new cycle. This is accompanied by the new acronyms. Boruto’s opening theme “GOLD”, introduced in early 2022, is replaced with Song performed by KANA-BOOM. As for the ending, “Twilight Fuzz” from THIS IS JAPAN, the ending theme of Boruto that debuted in April 2022, is replaced with Song by the band Lenny Code Fiction. The two new abbreviations, the name of which is unknown at the moment, will each Opening number 11 and ending number 21.

Also in July Boruto will continue on his original path. The first episode of the month will star Cho-Cho Akimichi and Inojin Yamanaka in a mission with lighter and funnier tones. At the moment it seems too early to go back to adapting the events of the manga again.

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