With the generation change between main work and sequel Boruto: Naruto the next generations The five great ninja countries have made an amazing leap in technology, a development that has led to the introduction of fast means of travel, scientific tools and ninja weapons.

Bringing more innovations is precisely the Leaf Village, thanks to Inventions by Doctor Katasuke You can count on incredible weapons like smoke grenades, lightning strikes, or even Star Wars-themed lightsaber given to Boruto. Technologically, however, it is the Kara organization that surprises the most.

As is well known, every interior was made by Kara genetically modified by Amado with the introduction of scientific ninja tools into your own body. Doing more transplants was Kawaki, but even the scientist himself seems to be hiding terrible secret powers.

In Chapter 57 of Boruto, code creates it wake Eida, one of Kara's deadliest cyborgs, so powerful that Jigen demanded his destruction. When code asks her how to break free of her limiters, the clairvoyant explains that only Amado can do this.

After what Eida revealed, however unlock the true potential A combination of voiceprint and recognition of Amado's iris is required for the final member of Kara. For code, the solution is simple: use the transformation technique to get the job done. Apparently it won't be that easy though.

Eida immediately rejects this proposal. To avoid this possibility, Amado implanted one scientific ninja instrument in his eyes. ""Amado reshaped his eyes using ninja science tools. And you know that transformation jutsu cannot replicate the most complex technology".

Here's why Kara's scientist, who is now in the Leaf Village, always wears orange glasses. But his "cyborg" eyes only act as an anti-decryption code or hide another powerful secret ability? What is certain is that Amado is the prey of code. Let's discover Amado's dramatic past in Boruto.

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