Starting from the animated adaptation of Naruto, the Pierrot studio has always put a lot of time and effort into creating fillers and sagas that are completely absent from the manga. Additions that have often been in vain but have allowed us to maintain a good pace of production, which according to many will not happen with the anime of Boruto.

A few days ago, in fact, after completing theAdaptation by Sasuke Retsuden, which met with good success and many criticisms regarding the modification of some scenes, especially those with Sasuke and Sakura, the Pierrot team has returned to follow the events narrated in the manga. The debut of the Code's arc of attack has certainly intrigued many, especially because of the arrival of new and powerful antagonists on the scene, but also a cause for concern regarding the fate of the anime should it achieve what is narrated in the manga.

Considering the Publishing four episodes and a single chapter of the manga per month, while much remains to be adjusted, it is only a matter of time before the animated implementation reaches the paper counterpart. For this reason, according to some enthusiasts, it might be appropriate to stop the anime and wait until there is enough material to adapt, a bit like Black Clover, with the certainty of resuming production in the future.

Decision that seems very complicated, which might be better than lengthening sequences or adding new developments to expand the narrative and waiting for at least that narrative arc to close within the manga. And what do you think? Tell us what you think below. Finally we leave you with the trailer for episode 288 of Boruto.

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