In Boruto Chapter 75, Amado revealed all his knowledge of the facts. The Leaf Village ninja must now come to terms with the words of the scientist who worked with Jigen of the Kara Organization. First of all, that's how it is Eida to take matters into your own hands.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 76 continues the cliffhanger that ended the previous chapter. Boruto is surprised and confused from the vision Momoshiki Ootsutsuki showed him and wonders about the meaning of what he just saw.

The conversation between Amado and Naruto continues, with Shikamaru, who continues to investigate Akebi's origins, late daughter of the scientist, by the omniscient power of Eida. Akebi does not appear to pose a threat to Konoha in any way, and the Hokage thus declares that he will not interfere with Amado's plan to bring her back to life.

When the scientist bursts into tears and says this is his last chance to save his daughter from death, Eida ends the discussion Calling Kawaki and Boruto back to their rooms.

the next day, Boruto wonders why Eida is so into Kawaki and not even from him. The reason is simply related to age, with Boruto being only 12 while Eida and Kawaki are 16.

Kawaki then accuses Eida of being smart Convince Tails to feed Boruto to the Ten-Tails. Tired from the discussion, Eida asks that some girls be placed in the house. The former antagonist expects Sumire and Sarada to keep her company.

In Chapter 76 of Boruto Sarada and Sumire They enter the house that brings together Boruto, Kawaki, Eida, and Daemon. Away from the men of the house, Eida confesses to the two new friends the love she feels for Kawaki. However, Sumire notes that for some unknown reason both she and Sarada are They are immune to the power of Eida's spell. The two girls are therefore the only way to stop Eida should she prove to be an enemy. However, you must keep it private to prevent Daemon from attacking you. However, Eida seems sincere in her words. The girl claims to be sad because he can't have friends or boyfriends because of his skills. Sarada therefore asks them to become friends.

In the other room suddenly i Momoshiki's thoughts echo in Boruto's head. The Otsutsuki states that he understands Eida's ability to love. Strangely, when Boruto asks for an explanation, Momoshiki refuses. However, Kawaki notices the situation and closes the chapter by asking Momoshiki to come out and deal with it openly.

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