While the Code of the Kara Organization continues to weave its web and recruits new helpers, the Blattdorf is struggling with several dilemmas. Shikamaru has discovered the antagonists' secret "brands" and Kawaki is undecided about his future. Amado is of greater concern, however; here is his plan in Boruto chapter 60.

On the previous date with the opera, Amado Kawaki had of reshaping the karma sealso that the boy could defend the Seventh Hokage and his loved ones. Despite the categorical refusal and the subsequent investigations of his assistant Sumire, the scientist does not seem to have given up this path.

In chapter 60 of Boruto, we see Sumire insist on a crucial point. The young Kunoichi wants to understand Amado's intentions; Does Kara's ex want to betray Konoha or contribute to Code's defeat?

Bored, Amado bypasses the question and gives rather elusive answers. However, one thing is clear: he's planning something and the result of his experiments could save the leaf ... or destroy it completely.

But what is he trying to do? In the past, the scientist helped Jigen program the interiors of the Kara organization and implant the most powerful scientific ninja tools into the bodies of cyborgs. While we are talking to Sumire, we see him next to one cold room in which there is a mysterious body.

Through his acquaintances, Amado may have quietly breathed new life into Delta or Boro or some unpublished character who possesses their best qualities. The more confused assumption is that there may be a Kawaki's alter ego; an aesthetically similar cyborg in possession of the karma seal. This theory would explain the events of the initial flash forward.

Meanwhile, here is the promise of the seventh Hokage in Boruto 60 and the mysterious secret power of the new villains Ada and Daemon.

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