As promised, Chapter 55 of Boruto: Naruto the next generations shocked readers. However, it wasn't the Seventh Hokage who left the scene as previously revealed, but rather his Bijuu Kurama.

Kurama had previously confessed to Naruto that he had used Baryon mode against Isshiki Otsutsuki both would die. The only thing to greet the fans was the nine-tailed fox. Naruto was always ready to give his life to save Konoha, but not to greet any loved one for that purpose. Without this little trap, Kurama was aware that the Hokage would never activate Baryon mode.

Despite the difficult initial relationship, over time the Bond between Naruto and Kurama He became more and more solid until he was part of the same family. However, the final emotional conversation between the two warned the Seventh Hokage.

"I think that's it. I have to go, but be very careful. You will run out of superhuman strength. So if you overdo it, you will come to me in no time. Until that day comes, watch out for Naruto."".

These parting words provide readers with important information for the future. From now on, Naruto He will no longer have the powers of the fox available and must revolutionize his fighting style in order to survive the most dangerous clashes. Here is Kurama's latest roar in that Naruto statue. Here's who could be next off the scene in Boruto.

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