The original Kawaki Ninja Academy arc saga has reached its climax, finally leading viewers to experience an insane, albeit brief, battle. Let's find out what happened in the latest original anime episode of Boruto: Naruto the next generations.

269 ​​new acronyms are introduced in Boruto, but that's not the highlight of the episode. The students visit the teacher Hana who was injured in the previous fight. However, despite her best efforts, the Sensei of the Ninja Academy cannot remember anything that happened. L'Identity of Kaes Bomber it's still a secret.

Immediately after Kawaki is summoned by the Hokage, who fired him from office for not sharing the details of the incident. The boy is therefore removed from the mission and also risks losing the friendship of Kae, who wonders if Kawaki is really his friend or if he was only close to him because he was on a mission.

Meanwhile, the Konoha Police Department is investigating the incident, but to no avail. Shadows fall, lights go out at the Bamboo Princess' residence. L'The killer strikes again, but Kae is protected by the butler Batora. Luckily, Kawaki and Himawari intervene at the scene, believing that Batora was the killer.

In Boruto 269, after a short fight, the killer is found with his back against the wall. At this point something unimaginable happens. The masked man blows himself up with bomb cards. Kawaki managed to protect Kae, who now has faith in him again, and Konoha files the case. The killer is actually dead and the man who led him, who intended to put Kae's half-brother on the throne, is imprisoned. But wasn't the case dropped too quickly?

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