A new day begins at Leaf Village's Ninja Academy, but before classes start, the students of the new generation of Boruto You are having an interesting conversation. The school building is said to hide seven occult secrets and be haunted by supernatural beings.

Interested in Legend of the Ninja Academy, Himawari picks up the ball to convince his classmates to organize a night expedition. Enthusiastic about the idea, the other students embark on the adventure, including Kae, who indirectly forces Kawaki to follow her.

When the sun goes down, the investigation into the seven mysteries of the ninja academy begins in Boruto 264. However, aware of the fact that ghosts do not exist, Kae and Kawaki decide to entertain their younger companions Organize a series of jokes also helped by the butler Batora.

The first of the seven mysteries concerns some anatomical busts that are floating around the school. Kawaki and Batora, masked, They chase the frightened children to convince them that these stories are not just a legend.

Another mystery concerns you Statue of the Third Hokage. This time, however, Himawari is not intimidated and goes in search of Hiruzen Sarutobi's sculpture. Soon after, unknowingly activating the ByakuganShe recognizes the crime.

The last of the seven mysteries is in one of the windows between the stairs of the building. There, however, it is not Kawaki and Kae who have developed another of their games: a infested leaf He moves among the last brave disciples left.

In an attempt to unravel this latest mystery, Kae and Kawaki embark on a quest for the truth to discover that this veil was wielded by the Insects of Master Shino, the intention to do the night cleaning. The mysteries of the Ninja Academy have been revealed and the following will happen in Boruto Episodes 266-268.

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