During episode 175 of Boruto: Naruto the next generationsAfter long and exhausting training, the members of Team 7 were finally able to take revenge on Deepa's humiliating defeat.

After Boruto and Sarada breathed life into a new Rasengan and improved the Sharingan, in episode 175 of the anime they were back in front of Deepa, a menacing member of the Kara organization. However, Deepa's metallic body appears to be able to Absorb shock and the two boys immediately get into trouble. Only a sensational return, made possible by the sacrifice of one of Boruto's protagonists, allowed the two ninja to continue the fight.

Once at the place of the fight, Mitsuki is ready to help his friends again. With The team is finally done, Deepa looks exhausted. The antagonist, however, reveals its true form: it is covered with an impenetrable iron shell that does not even come from the protagonist's compression turfgan.

But Team7's proud ninjas aren't giving up. Driven by a desire to protect the shinobi world, Boruto follows in his father's footsteps and throws another compression turfgan, this time however with contributions from Sarada and Mitsuki. With a new infusion of chakra, the jutsu of the son of the seventh Hokage manages to penetrate the defense of Deepa, who falls into a moat below.

At the moment it is not yet clear whether the antagonist survived or not, but it is certain that such a technique would not even have been imaginable for Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura at the same age. The three boys finally appear ready to defend the tide. Meanwhile, Orochimaru returns to threaten Konoha in this terrifying Boruto cosplay.

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