Have you ever heard the term "soap country"? It's a Japanese word that refers to a brothel where men can be bathed by other women. Since prostitution was made illegal in Japan in the last century, this illegality has come with a lack of definition of the term "sex". implying that the "soap lands" are not breaking the law as there is no penetration.

Indeed if you manage to convince the masseuse to have sex somewhere else (either a motel or your own apartment), The law is not broken because both parties are consensual. Even if you give money afterwards, you can claim that you simply "gifted" it in good faith and did not pay them for a service.

The way in which Japanese women dedicated to the world's oldest profession manage to circumvent an old and outdated law is quite interesting, but today we are not here to critique Japan's current history, rather a strange situation that was recently reported. There are too many "soap lands" in Japan, so many that sometimes it is necessary to apply in a "different way" to stand out from the rest.

The venue did that."Relaxation Watermelon (リラクゼーションスイカ)' which put up a billboard advertising the services of a 30-minute massage for 3,000 yen ($22), a 40-minute bubble bath for 5,000 yen ($37), or a 30-minute Akasuri massage for 5,000 yen ($37). offered. However, what struck us is that the girl who appears in the promotion is nothing more and nothing less than Nijika Ijichithe popular girl out Bocchi the Rock!.

Nijika Ijichi

Even the artist of the original illustration himself: "Tsuezu (つえづ)' he was surprised when he noticed an intense search volume for his imagery, and was even more shocked when he realized the value of his work.

In short, this whole situation attracted comments that highlighted:

  • «Oh no, please don't tarnish the popularity of Bocchi the Rock!».
  • «I'm surprised that locals are aware that an anime character attracts more attention from men than a real woman».
  • «Well, Nijika-chan's mother needs to understand her daughter's circumstances if she chooses this job.».
  • «I'm not sure, but can the original artist sue the venue? The problem is that the character in the illustration isn't really his».
  • «To be honest, the place really got me interested when I saw Nijika-chan».
  • «Nijika-chan is not a girl who would go into such business, I think.».
  • «Facilities of this nature already have a way out, AI. Who the hell will blame them when they create their own anime visuals?».

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