With the animated adaptation of Bleach's final story arc, more details about Tite Kubo's work emerge. In particular, the latest episodes of the series produced by Studio Pierrot have highlighted the exploits of first generation of the Gotei 13.

After Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto was defeated by Yhwach, the introduction of the seventh episode, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, highlights the ancient Gotei 13. The squadron that defeated the Quincy a thousand years ago was, and was, very different from the current one known for his cruelty and for the way he exploited every opportunity, even the most shady, to defeat the enemy. It was only the long period of peace that came with the end of Yhwach that Yamamoto softened and led to today's generation of the Gotei 13. However, they did emerge new details about the very first generation of commanders.

The author of Bleach shared an illustration of the first Gotei 13, to which more information is now being added. there The 1st Division of the 1st Gotei 13 was led by Yamamoto, assisted by his deputy, Chojiro Sasakibe. The 2nd Division was led by Chika Shihouin, Yoruichi's ancestor. The 3rd and 4th were commanded by Kinroku Izuhara and Chikiri Shijima instead. Obana Danjiro and Furoufushi Saitou led the 5th and 6th divisions. From the 7th to the 13th divisions of the First Gotei 13, the captains were respectively Nobutsuna Shigyou, Unsai Katoribatsu, Entetsu Kumoi, Furuoki Outokawa, Yachiru Unohana, JiuHin Zenjou and Saizou Sakahone. Will we see these commanders in action sooner or later?

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