At the end of Bleach there were 13 empty spaces in Gotei. The scourge, brought first by Aizen and his arrancars, then by the Quincy of Yhwach, resulted in the demise or death of various Shinigami. The empty seats were recently filled with a refurbished Gotei 13. Let's take a closer look at that who are the two newcomers from Bleach.

In the special chapter of Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki joined the group of deputy captains tasked with conquering a living hollow. In addition to the Shinigami, which we already knew and who have not lost their role compared to the last stages of the main manga, there were those Additions by Atau Rindo and Yuyu Yayahara.

The first is the seventh division vice-captain, currently led by Tetsuzaemon Iba. The boy is deaf, but can communicate thanks to sign languagewhile he can understand the words of others by lip reading. He has long black hair that partially covers his eyes, while his Zanpakuto is called Hawk, conjured up thanks to the "Generate" command.

The second is instead the eighth division vice-captain, led by Lisa Yadomaru. Yuyu Yayahara is a girl who has been heavily influenced by the gyaru fashion of Japan today and ends up resembling one of them. Long blond hair, the tips dyed even darker, she has tanned skin and claw nails. His zanpakuto did not appear, but it showed that he was able to use a force through his hands or perhaps his nails.

As the Tite Kubo saga continues, we will surely know better what it is Story of the two new characters from Bleach.

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