Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War has been in production for several years. The latest manga saga, which has never been adapted as an anime before, will find its place on Japanese TVs and various streaming services around the world from the last months of 2022. Also for this occasion Tite Kubo takes part in the project.

Obviously, the wait for the sequel is long and Tite Kubo himself would like to see certain scenes in the next anime. At the same time, the mangaka rushes into some statements that also relate to the manga or the first anime in the series. And this time he focused on the latter. Tite Kubo revealed what his favorite arc from the Bleach anime was.

"I think it's called 'Thirteen Brigades Invading Army Saga.' I honestly didn't have much hope for the original anime arcs, but this really surprised me. some staged fantastic sequences in this arc and I really appreciated it. "

This story arc is a filler that was included in the anime immediately after the defeat of Aizen and before the Fullbringer saga, which lasted from episodes 317 to 342. You expected this Tite Kubo chose a full sheet of Bleach and not on an adjustment?

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