One of the main news that millions of fans of the world of Japanese animation are waiting for is the new season of bleaching, scheduled for October 2022 and dedicated entirely to the story arc of the Thousand Years War. After months of a few updates, here are finally the first frames of the series, and a trailer will be arriving soon too.

After the special chapter for the 20 years of manga that foreshadowed the return of Tite Kubo with a new one Story of Ichigo Kurosaki and Shinigami, the announcement of the animated adaptation of the original series finale sparked incredible interest in Pierrot Studio's production. User @SugoiLITE showed Preview ten frames of the trailerwhich should be arriving soon according to what's in the post below.

As you can see the quality and portrayal of the characters seems incredible and besides of course Ichigo being shown in the rain and with thunder in the background, the fan has tried to share as many characters as possible including Rukia, Renji Abari, Bazz-B and Yhwach, main antagonist of the saga in question. While you wait for the trailer, let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with the first Thousand Years War poster and Kubo's revelations about the plot holes of the latest saga.

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