In Japan, the new Bleach anime has been running for almost two months. After so many years it's finally here Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood Warthe final chapter of the saga, which also involves Tite Kubo, the mangaka of the original work, who has decided to give a different touch by adding other unpublished elements.

In the course of the fight, a confrontation has also taken place, which has taken two characters back in time. These are Shigekuni Genryusai Yamato and Yhwach, two personalities who wrote the history of Soul Society and each in their own way built what has been seen in Bleach in recent years. But Tite Kubo took another leap into the past by releasing an illustration featuring the original Gotei 13.

However, the release of Episode 7 of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War also brought these characters into the anime. In fact, one was introduced special ending with the original Gotei 13, showing one character at a time to the melody of the song Saihate sung by SennaRin. Viz Media shared the special ending on Twitter, which begins with a young Yamamoto and then gradually the other captains of Gotei 13, almost all of whom are now gone. Would you also like to see them in action in the anime with a story dedicated to them?

In the meantime, here are the preview images of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War 1x07.

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