The seventh episode of Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War marked Ichigo's return to the battlefield. Freed from Quilge Opie's prison in Hueco Mundo, the protagonist is back in Soul Society, ready to unleash himself against the invaders, face an extremely powerful enemy and awaken a new ability.

The Quincy continue to sow destruction and terror in the Shinigami dimension by following the careful plans of Your Majesty Yhwach. While the Star Knights, Wandenreich's elite units, are some of the most powerful opponents the Gotei 13 captains have ever faced, their leader wields a level of power and skill far beyond Ichigo's training.

Although Kurosaki rushes to attack Yhwach, the latter succeeds effortless to stop and hurt him. However, as you can see in the clip shared by @kurotshichii and shown below, Ichigo manages to surprise him by unknowingly activating blood veins, one of Quincy's signature techniques, manifested by a blue glow in the veins. This allows Ichigo to recover from his wounds and stand up.

What do you think of this sudden manifestation of a Quincy power by Ichigo? Let us know in the comments. Finally, we leave you with the trailer for episode 1x08 of the series.

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