In which sixth episode of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood Gotei 13's captain gave us epic and touching moments. On the other hand, Ywatch is a very formidable opponent, the likes of which we haven't seen in the Tite Kubo franchise for a while.

In the seventh episode, the cards in the game don't change that much: epicity and sadness belong to the keywords. In fact, the first major act of war has ended, and Ichigo wasn't able to break free of the trap in time to lend a hand to other shinigami.

Things have been bad for them since Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood soul society. The invasion had been planned in great detail by Ywatch over a considerable period of time. In these episodes, the Quincy are back stronger than ever, burning with vengeance and the army devoted to the wishes of the LLeader of the Wandenreich. The latter obviously hasn't even bothered with the enraged Ichigo, on the contrary, it's clear that he has goals in store for him.

So the substitute Shinigami gets away scot-free, but still as a dramatic defeat. Ichigo actually suffered from the beatings that caused him to touch death with a finger. The zanpakuto had no better fate: in the final moments of the fight, the weapon shatters completely, and Ichigo is both physically and morally devastated, discouraged and in pain.

you enjoy it Bleach: Millennial Blood? Are you interested in future developments? On the other hand, they also showed Ichigo's blood veins in the episode.

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