bleaching is about to return with the anime dedicated to the last major story arc, the Thousand Years War, which will pit the Shinigami against Quincy von Yhwach, ready to destroy Soul Society. Pending news about the distribution of the series, the artists of the Pierrot animation studio have signed a magnificent illustration board.

The great expectations of the world community, loyal to theWorks by Tite Kubo and hoping that a quality product will put an end to Ichigo's adventures, they certainly put a lot of pressure on director Tomohia Taguchi and his team of artists and animators, who however wanted to celebrate the anime's upcoming debut by creating together L'illustration board which you can see at the bottom of the page.

That title of the saga is dominated by Ichigo Kurosaki drawn in red and surrounded by messages and lettering that, also thanks to the translations suggested by fans in the comments of the post, refer to the pride felt to be part of the production, to internal jokes about the series, and some are simple "no" or "Bankai". Let us know what you think of this beautiful illustration board by leaving a comment below.

Finally, remember that Ichigo and his friends have been featured in a new key visual and we leave it to our guide to the Bleach anime.

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