Bleach: do you want to recover the anime? here is the guide to the filler episodes

The animated transposition of Bleach, although it counts over 360 episodes, it is still far from adapting the entire manga. The break that separated the first from the second season was quite long and it may be necessary for fans to retrieve the whole story before trying their hand at the vision of the Millennial War saga.

After a grueling wait Pierrot study he dissolved the reservations, announcing a series of new sensei projects together with Shueisha Tite Kubo. The return of the Bleach anime will not be the only important event, as there will be a new manga by the author as well as an animated film on the way.

However, recovering the television series doesn't have to be easy because of the 366 episodes that distinguish the first season, of which only 160 of these are filler episodes. To bring order to the story and divide the plot from the non-canon episodes, the portal Animanga divided the whole Bleach anime:

  • from episode 1 to 63: adaptation of the manga;
  • from 64 to 108: filler;
  • from 109 to 127: adaptation of the manga;
  • 128 to 137: filler;
  • from 138 to 146: adaptation of the manga;
  • 147 to 149: filler;
  • from 150 to 167: adaptation of the manga;
  • from 168 to 189: filler;
  • from 190 to 203: adaptation of the manga;
  • 204 to 205: filler;
  • 206 to 212: adaptation of the manga;
  • from 213 to 214: filler;
  • from 215 to 227: adaptation of the manga;
  • 228 to 265: filler;
  • from 266 to 286: adaptation of the manga;
  • 287: filler;
  • from 288 to 297: adaptation of the manga;
  • from 298 to 299: filler;
  • from 300 to 302: adaptation of the manga;
  • 303 to 305: filler;
  • from 306 to 310: adaptation of the manga;
  • from 311 to 341: filler;
  • from 342 to 354: adaptation of the manga;
  • 355: filler;
  • from 356 to 366: adaptation of the manga;

The division of the sagas, however, is accessible via the link to the source. And you, however, have found this guide useful for following the anime or are you going to take a look also at the filler episodes? Let us know, as usual, with a comment below.

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