After exploring Yuno's sad past, the new story arc of the animated series is from Black clover will make viewers marvel at the violent battle between the Knights of the Kingdom of Klee and the dark triad of the Kingdom of Swords.

As suggested by Twitter user @BCspoiler, episode 164 of the anime is set to score the beginning of the fighting. The episode titled "Battlefield: Heart Kingdom" is finally about to bring to life one of the most anticipated moments for fans of Yuki Tabata's work.

Following the revelations of Yuno's true origins in Black Clover, the wizard found himself on the defensive when his guild was attacked by soldiers from the Kingdom of the Heart. Yuno and his companions were considered the strongest team in the Kingdom of Clover hit by a sudden ambush that surprised her. However, the young wizard may still be shocked by what has just been discovered about his identity.

Yuno wants to discover firsthand how terrifying the dark wizards of the Kingdom of the Heart are. But the fate of the clash and the golden dawn will depend on that tooAuction intervention and his Black Bulls, whose captain will in the meantime face the mighty Dante Zogratis of the Dark Triad. Meanwhile, Black Clover 278's spoilers show an unexpected upheaval.

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