With the conclusion of the short saga dedicated to the Land of the Sun, Asta has decided to focus on his training to be ready for the final war. War was not long in coming when author Yuki Tabata decided to adopt the timeskip tactic Black cloverby turning the clock forward by three days.

And so Lucius Zogratis has stormed the kingdom, which starts Black Clover's final war, which will decide whether the protagonists win, let humanity live in peace, or the angelic-looking demon who wants to remake the whole world. Yuno immediately confronted Lucius before he could do too much damage, but in the meantime the other subordinates aren't looking either. Paladins intervened, and with a sudden blow, Jack the Ripper was knocked out.

The captain of the green praying mantis is also back Black clover 357, a chapter focusing on him and his past. The pages drawn by Tabata tell of his disagreements with the other magic knights of the kingdom and especially with Yami Sukehiro, but it is the final pages of the chapter that dedicate an epic moment to him: gathering all his energies, Jack the Ripper unleashes his magic in an attack that slices through space up to miles away. Morgen narrowly escapes that blow, but the ground remains the scar of this beloved Black Clover captain's final attack, whose body must now yield to death.

However, he's not the only captain in danger at this stage of Black Clover, which could lead to more major defeats. you expected this so quick death of Jack the Ripper?

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