Back to match the events of the manga thatBlack Clover Anime leads the audience through the first phase of the arduous battle between the magical knights of the Kingdom of Klee and the dark triad of the Kingdom of Swords. Let's find out the next episode preview!

The battle between the two factions is divided into several fronts: if, on the one hand, we saw the determination of Noelle and Mimosa, who tried to defend the Princess of the Kingdom of Hearts from the attack of Vanica Zogratis in episode 165 of Black Clover, on the other Side the Black Bull is about to succumb under the blows of Dante.

When the situation now seemed desperate, Captain Yami suddenly appeared save his men. As you can see from the BC Spoiler preview posted on Twitter, in episode 166 the Black Bull captain will face the most powerful component of the Dark Triad without fear.

""No matter how strong the enemy is, one must never give up. Overcome your own limits, this is the Black Bull "who reads the preview of the episode titled "Captain Yami Sukehiro". Though it takes fatal blows Dante seems to be immortal. How will the fight end? Before the anime ended, an overview of the best Black Clover scenes was released.

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