Black Clover: revealed the group that will deal with the new main topic

As you probably know, after the quarantine period in which the entire planet was involved, the situation is slowly returning to normal, although COVID-19 has definitely seriously damaged the global market and every industry has suffered from the violent backlash.

After the many trade fairs were canceled and series were postponed, In fact, many teams are now resuming serialization of their factories, Productions that are eagerly awaited by the public, including Black Clover. Indeed, as fans will remember, the show focuses on a narrative sheet that, despite varying filler content, finds favor with the public, while the latest episodes have managed to get audiences to talk.

Well, it seems that the Black Clover epic now sees the arrival of a new theme song that will characterize the new episodes of the production. A song that will be announced by the presence of a group K-. Pop. In particular, the news came through Black Clover's official Twitter account and the opportunity was taken to also publish a video of the TXT group (Tomorrow x Togheter), which is being worked on new song.

Before we say goodbye, we would like to remind you that the creator of Black Clover has recently been spoken for a message he wrote to all of his fans.

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