Yuki Tabata has now set the stage for the final war of Black clover The self-proclaimed savior of the world, Lucius Zogratis, is back in action with his paladins, ready to wreak havoc on the Clover Kingdom. However, an extremely powerful young Magic Knight and his spirit of the wind stand between him and his goal.

Yuno, driven by a desire to save the kingdom and avenge what happened to his friend and rival Asta, who is believed to have died precisely because of Lucius and sister Lily, has decided to join the last of the Ask Zogratis directly. Repel the combined attack of all paladins, Yuno is shown to have achieved a new level of mastery of star magiceven recognized as the new commander of the Golden Dawn.

Yuno's increase in strength has also resulted in an increase in her abilities sylph, the spirit of the wind, his ally, returned in a new form in chapter 356 of the manga. Aware of the kingdom's fragility in the face of Lucius' attacks, Yuno employs a new technique, the Star x Wind Spirit Magic: Never-Never Landwhich combines the magic of the stars and the wind to create a kind of mana zone to ward off the attacks of the paladins.

In doing so, he is assisted by Sylph in the two tables shown in the post available below. Did this return of Sylph impress you? In light of the grand finale, were you expecting his new form? Tell us in the comments. In conclusion, we leave you with the question: who will be the next Magic Emperor?

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