With a history of 40 years behind it and millions of fans who grew up reading or watching the adventures of Goku, dragon ball It is certainly one of the highest paying media franchises in the world. This popularity is also reflected in many collections shared by fans, including Toshio Furukawa, Piccolo's historical voice actor.

The information shown in the preview about Dragon Ball Super: Superhero and most importantly, the important role that Piccolo will play alongside Gohan as a teacher and friend have put the Namek back at the center of fan attention. In addition, on May 9, 2022, as every year, the little dayand on that occasion, an interview with Toshio Furukawa was published on the series' official website.

Speaking of how he's celebrating the day of the most famous character he's lent his voice to, Furukawa has openly said he's amassed an impressive roster of personalities dedicated to Piccolo over the course of his long-running career. "Spring, I really like the character of Piccolo. When someone asks me who my favorite character is, I always answer with their name without hesitation. So he began commenting on the voice actor before revealing the number of characters he owns.

"I have about 3000 piccolo figures, if that gives you any idea how much I like it. So yes, I do celebrate Piccolo Day, even if I do it simply by eating something special for the occasion. Sometimes I rearrange my figurine collection, clean it, paint it, stuff like that.” An incredible passion that has lasted for years and which, as he says himself, has made him a geek and a great collector, also for works other than Akira Toriyama's.

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